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Over the past seven years, Ammodo has built a solid reputation as a leader in pharmaceutical, medical device, personalized health, healthtech, and biotechnology sectors (see list) through our strategic support and creative for about 50 clients and hundreds of products and services.

Overall, our experience spans over 100 clients across most key consumer and business-to-business segments (see list).

Obviously, Ammodo can draw on our vast experience to help any company. And while we have dozens and dozens of case studies we’re happy to review those you find interesting, the Ammodo team wants to hear your story, and talk about reaching your goals beginning now, and into the future.

Case Studies

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Creative Examples

Illuminating Experiences is both an exclusive distributor of notable lighting designers, as well as the innovative developer of many of their own fixtures and lighting solutions through hundreds of resellers across the U.S. and Canada.

Because home and office lighting can be a very personal decision, the client challenged us to come up with a sustainable branding campaign that these very diverse customers could all identify with. 

The successful Lighting for every personality series featuring the tagline “Whose life are you lighting?” ran for over three years through regular updates to keep it fresh!

Nearly 24% of thyroidectomies are not needed. 

Veracyte’s Affirma utilizes gene markers to provide more accurate diagnosis saving payers money, not to mention giving patients who avoid surgery a far better quality of life or a higher level of confidence to those who must get cut.

Tradeshow graphics plus digital and print campaigns to both doctors and potential patients utilized fictional Amber’s thyroid as the “spokesperson”.

UK endovascular stent-maker Lombard Technologies’ U.S. launch of AORFIX featuring their unique coiled device enabled them to be the only FDA-approved device for up to 90° angulations.  

Ammodo’s creative was noted by Boston Scientific as what caught their attention and encouraged the Lombard acquisition.

A leader in genomic marker-based prognostic and diagnostic tests, Myriad Genetics’ Prolaris offers urologists and radiologic oncologists better insight on what approach to take with different prostate cancers.

Over the course of two years, one of our principals and several team members worked with four product groups, launching three tests, including naming, collateral, website content, tradeshow graphics, as well as print and digital advertising.

Several divisions of multibillion dollar Stryker Corporation have been my clients, including their Neurovascular group. Here Target detachable coils are the “smooth and stable” choice for supporting delicate vasculature.

In another print ad, a different offering from the Target detachable coils line is the “smooth and stable, yet “soft” choice for supporting delicate vasculature.

Full-service agency for ophthalmology testing equipment maker Heidelberg over three years. Work included print ads, website, digital marketing, trade booth and graphics design, social media, direct mail, plus brochures and other collateral.

Not only did we assist them in sales enablement and education among eye care professionals regarding more traditional eye testing solutions for glaucoma, myopia cataracts and astigmatisms, we also introduced neurologists and others following neurodegeneration associated with advanced disease states like multiple sclerosis normally tracked with annual MRIs to safer and more frequent observation of the optic nerve at the back of the eye! 

MedThink needed to portray itself as both a serious established group AND an innovative player in providing a fresh perspective to identify with younger researchers. 

New “apple slice” visuals were cost-effectively created keeping the campaign fresh for 2 years.

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