Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Personalized Health and Biotechnology Experience

Animal Health

Abaxis Corporation – Extensive diagnostic equipment, reference lab for companion pet veterinary offices, exotics, equine, farm animals

AgriPets – Healthy, natural pet grasses, snacks

KennelClub – Pet health supplements for eyes and vitality (NuEyes, NuEnergy)


Oticon – Hearing aids including cochlear implants 

Blood Systems

Alere Systems – HbA1C and other PoCT devices, 

Corporate Wellness programs

Accumetrics – Blood platelet function testing for diagnosis and treatment

Cancer / Oncology

AbbVie – Luprin prostate cancer therapy

Aventis – Taxotere breast, lung cancer indications

Life Technologies / Applied Biosystems – lab/clinical blood analyzers, reagents

Myriad Genetics – HCP prognostic, melanoma  diagnostic (MelaPath), prostate prognostic (Prolaris), lung prognostic (MyPlan Lung) tests

Veractye – Diagnostic test to better identify cancerous vs. benign thyroid nodules 


AngioScore – Balloon catheter for coronary  artery disease

Cholestech – Cholesterol and HbA1C testing (Cholestech GDX and LDX) 

HemoSense – Blood coagulation time monitoring for patients on Coumadin (InRatio)

PeerBridge – mHealth wireless remote and efficient in-facility cardiac monitoring

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

LAHAV CRO – Israel’s largest pre-clinical center specialized in large animal studies


Dexcel Pharma – Periodontal adjunctive treatment (PerioChip)

DryShield – Multi-function isolation solution

Oral-B Labs – Toothbrushes (manual + electric) and professional dental practice supplies

Dermatology / Lasers / Skinceuticals

Blairlab – Biocap wrinkle reduction creams

Collagenizer – Needle-free subdermal delivery system 

Iridex – Lasers for dermatology/ophthalmology

Lumenis – Laser for dermatology

Skin Medica – Rx and cosmetic products

Zeltiq – Fat reduction cold lipolysis (freezing)

Electronic Medical Records

on-site testing, telehealth, online tracking + support 

Breakthrough Health+Wellness – Momentum fitness system

Healthpath – Functional foods, supplements, advice, edu

Herbalife – Nutritional supplements 

Orthopedics and Spine

ISTO – Cartilage regeneration for spinal discs with knee applications

Nevro – Neuromodulation therapy (SCS) for back pain (FBSS)

NuTech – Amniotic tissue-based therapies (fresh, frozen and freeze-dried)

Orthofix – Fixation hardware, biologics and sports medicine for orthopedic correction + strengthening

ZioSoft – Ziostation remote 3D analysis and collaboration software platform for orthopedics


Amnion Life – NICU incubation system utilizing a temperature-controlled, synthetic amniotic fluid bath 



AbbVie –Prostate chemotherapy (Luprin / Lupron)

Adamas – Dyskinesia / parkinsonism (Gocovri)

Alnylam – Hepatic Porphyria / liver disease (Givosiran, RNAi therapeutics)

Aventis – Chemotherapy for breast, lung cancers (Taxotere)

Dexcel – Periodontal adjunctive therapy (PerioChip)

Drug Rediscovery Group – Repurposing drugs for new indications discovered in clinical settings

GlaxoSmithKline – SLE Lupus (Benlysta)

Ipsen – Gastrointestinal / pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs). Also, carcinoid syndrome 

(Somatuline Depot)

MediNatura – Homeopathic pain medications, Rx and OTC tablets, creams and injectables  

Ocular Discovery – Eye surface treatments for dry eye, pterygium, pinguecula, melanocytic nevus, repurposing dipyridamole (Persantin)

PaxVax – Vaccines for cholera and typhoid fever

Sun – mNET/carcinoid symptoms (Bynfezia)

Theratech – HIV-1 inhibitor antiretroviral (Trogarzo) 

Vigorous Solutions – Erectile dysfunction (ED) and hypertension (rapidly bioavailable sildenafil citrate)


Radiology & Ultrasound

Eclipse Imaging Centers – Part of Wise Health Systems, these are independent imaging facilities 

Edan Instruments / Medical – EKG/ECG, ultrasound, doppler devices

GE Healthcare – Multiple ultrasound and mammography examination systems

R2 Technology – Mammography and chest CT

United Imaging Healthcare – 30+ CT, DR, MI, MR imaging systems for diagnostics and treatment

U-Systems – Dense breast tissue examinations


Hansen Medical – Robotic catheter for EP

Modernizing Medicine – Cloud and iPad-based EHR/EMR solutions for specialized practices (Ema)

Hospitals / Medical Centers / Clinics

Mt. Diablo Medical Center (Walnut Creek, CA)

Queen of the Valley Hospital (Napa, CA)

Ross General Hospital (Marin County, CA)

St. Luke’s Hospital (San Francisco, CA)

Eclipse Imaging Centers – Part of Wise Health Systems, these are independent radiology facilities in Texas 


Diagnostics / Prognostics (Testing)

Heidelberg Engineering – Glaucoma, Cataract, plus track neurodegenerative disease (e.g. MS) measuring changes to optic nerve

Life Technologies – Clinical and research genetic analyzers, other lab equipment

Veractye – Diagnostic test to better identify benign vs. malignant thyroid nodules 

Myriad Genetics – HCP prognostic (MyPlan), melanoma diagnostic (MelaPath), prostate prognostic (Prolaris), lung prognostic (MyPlan Lung)

Natera – prenatal testing

Navus Health – mRNA Covid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea 

Trichomoniasis at-home tests

TessArae – DNA resequencing (GeneCypher)



Boston Scientific / Vessix Vascular – Renal Denervation System

Vigorous Solutions – Rapidly bioavailable sildenafil citrate (Revatio) for hypertension



Heidelberg Engineering – Ophthalmic test devices

Iridex – Lasers for ophthalmology 

Ocular Discovery – Eye surface treatments for Dry Eye, Pterygium, Pinguecula, Melanocytic Nevus, Corneal Neovascularization, Conjunctivitis repurposing dipyridamole (Persantin) 

Ocular Therapeutix – Liquid ocular bandage (ReSure)

Oraya Therapeutics – Noninvasive radiosurgical treatment of wet AMD

VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies – Implantable telescope for end-stage AMD 


Pain Management

MediNatura – Homeopathic pain medications, Rx and OTC tablets, creams and injectables  

Nevro – Neuromodulation therapy devices (SCS) for back and leg pain (FBSS)

Personalized Health

Alere Wellness – Employer-sponsored programs: Lab & procedures for heart arrhythmias

Mako Surgical – Surgical systems for knee (Restoris) and hip repair/replacement (Makoplasty)


Sleep Apnea & Snoring 

Ventus Medical – Sleep Apnea (OSA) device (Provent). Non-prescription, anti-snoring device (TheraVent)



Image Solutions, Inc. Early (SaaS) eCTD FDA submissions solution (eCTDXPress)

Modernizing Medicine – EMA, cloud and iPad- based EMR solutions for specialized practices

ZioSoft – Ziostation remote 3D analysis and collaboration platform for orthopedics


Stroke / Neurovascular

Stryker Corporation – Endovascular clot retrievers and multiple support coils


Surgical Equipment

Boston Scientific / Vessix Vascular – Renal Denervation System to address hypertension

Hansen Medical – Robotic catheter for EP procedures for heart arrhythmias

Mako Surgical – Restoris and Mako Surgical System for knee and hip repair/replacement

SurgRX – Tissue sealing technology (EnSeal)


Women’s Health

Aventis – Breast, lung chemotherapy (Taxtotere)

GE Healthcare – Multiple ultrasound and mammography examination systems

Myriad GeneticsMelanoma diagnostic, MyPlan Hereditary Cancer Profile (HCP) tests 

R2 Technology – Mammography and chest CT

U-Systems – Dense breast tissue sonography

Veractye – More accurate thyroid nodule testing 


Wound Care

Access Closure – Gel entry point sealant (Matrix) 

SurgRX – Tissue sealing technology (EnSeal)

NuTech – Amniotic tissue-based therapies (fresh, frozen and freeze-dried)


Corporations that serve many categories

Abaxis Corporation – Equipment and reference lab for human and extensive animal diagnostics

Alere/Inverness Medical (Biosite – Drug testing, diagnostic biomarkers testing, Corp. Wellness

Cholestech – Cholesterol monitor (HemoSense)

Edan Instruments/Medical – Corporate rebrand, KOL cultivation, Dopplers, EKG/ECG, Ultrasound, Patient Monitors, and PoCT

GE Healthcare – Corporate branding, ultrasound and mammography examination systems

Stryker Corporation – Neurovascular and orthopedic solutions

United Imaging Healthcare – 30+ CT, DR, MI, MR imaging systems for diagnostics and treatment. Corporate branding, influencer/KOL initiatives.

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