Amazing Insight.
Amazing creative.


Amazing Insight.
Amazing creative.


Stunning visuals and cool graphics, spot-on headlines and copy, deep knowledge of established best practices and data-driven strategies, plus a healthy curiosity for evolving approaches like content-rich social media that continuously add efficiency and effectiveness— It’s true.  We’ve got it all! 

Ammodo Marketing is a creative growth agency.

We work at the intersection of brand and performance. Ammodo bridges the two together to establish effective and memorable enterprise and product identities, as well as offer strategies that deliver profitable results. Ideally, carefully crafted positions and creative that are defensible and sustainable over time.


Our overall Insight+Passion methodology informs everything from the tone of our communications to the colors audiences find most appealing. We take that insight along with new findings drawn from our analysis of fresh research and use it to fuel the development of meaningful and sustainable creative that serves a purpose (often several). And that’s really the simple brilliance of Ammodo Marketing. 

Pretty amazing, huh? 

Leveraging the lifetime value of your brand(s)

Over the last 30 years or so, the idea of what a brand is has evolved. Historically achieved through major and even minor changes to product or service features and functions, which took years to develop, today your company’s perceived values, personality and effective marketing communications can shift market perceptions at the speed of social media and other digital marketing. Rebalancing and in fact leveling the playing field. Truly, a well-told and carefully crafted company and product story establishes a strong bond with customers, prospects, as well as key opinion leaders and other influencers – supporting sustainable preference, loyalty and often premium pricing and profitability earlier, and longer into the future.

Today and in the future, brands are the company. They are the product(s), the company’s reputation, philosophy, even a tremendously effective tool for recruiting and retaining the best and brightest. And while top executive and key employees are vital, high-quality brands are a profoundly valuable set of assets that could potentially be productive and “alive” for several human lifetimes.

Going further, Marketing and Sales Alignment offers a number of clear benefits all along the customer lifecycle/buyer journey:

  • Decreased cost of sales and faster selling cycles
  • Brand preference that supports better profitability
  • Enhanced customer, investor and employee retention
  • Real and perceived increase in value and brand equity 
  • Creates a buffer to shifting market conditions
  • Provides a platform for further product introductions

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